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Spiritual Wellness

The HWC offers spiritual wellness services to help you connect with your deeper sense of self.  Whether you have a particular faith tradition or not, spiritual care is vital to connect you to who you are created to be.  This connection creates self, purpose, freedom, and relationship to faith and to God.  The HWC believes that this connection is integral to your overall whole wellness.                   


Christian Counseling with a Licensed Professional Counselor 

Christian counseling is a faith-based, Christ-centered approach to the needs of individuals, couples, and families in order to foster healing, renewal, reconciliation, and transformation.



We all need to experience God and have a sense of His care for us. One of the ways that we experience God is through prayer. In prayer, you have the opportunity to bring your needs, requests, concerns, adoration and worship before God.

We will be happy to meet with those who have never prayed or individuals who already make prayer part of their daily routine. If you are feeling drawn to prayer, it would be our pleasure to pray with you. 


RE-Spiritual Direction

RE-Spiritual Direction provides a safe, confidential space where you can explore God’s presence in your life. If you are feeling an inner longing to connect with God, you are trying to find God’s presence as you navigate through life’s challenges, or you want to deepen your relationship with Him. Through conversation and reflection with an experienced Spiritual Director, you will become more attuned to God’s presence in your life.


RE-Spiritual Direction is a one-hour, one-on-one conversation between the director and you. During the meeting, you and the director seek to enter into a prayerful atmosphere where together you can be attentive to the movement of God in your life. The director may listen, question, challenge, suggest, and support you, and may suggest spiritual exercises or specific content of prayer.


In contrast with counseling, RE-Spiritual Direction is fundamentally concerned with a person’s relationship with God.  We will help you begin to recognize and respond to God in your daily life as well as in the midst of struggle or disorder. A spiritual director may refer you to counseling if appropriate, just as your counselor may suggest RE-Spiritual Direction.

The two services work hand-in-hand.


RE-treat through RE Ministry 

RE-treat creates a space for reflection, rebuild, restore & renew self through prayer and care of oneself through whole body wellness. During RE-treat, you will have mind, body and spirit exercises designed to support you as you take time away from the busyness of life and tune into the needs of your whole-body wellness. 

RE-treats can be offered in a one-day format or as an overnight stay for one or two nights. Locations and accommodation vary.  


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